Traffic Violations

Richmond, Virginia, Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer

Is it really worthwhile fighting a traffic violation? If you have a clean driving record dating back several years and you want to keep your record clean, you need to consult an attorney. If your record is already spotty with a handful of speeding tickets, the cost of another violation can far exceed the fine you will pay. If your traffic violation is for something as serious as reckless driving or vehicular assault for causing an accident, you face a misdemeanor or even a felony charge.

Free Consultation To Discuss The Real Cost Of Your Traffic Violation

If you need to defend yourself against a serious traffic violation in Henrico County or another county in eastern Virginia, call my office. I have more than 46 years of criminal law experience, including several years as a former substitute judge. I know the harm a major traffic violation can do to your driver’s license, the cost of your annual license tabs and your auto insurance premiums. I will fight aggressively to get the violation dismissed or reduced to an offense that will not result in a possible license suspension.

I have a successful record defending against major ticket offenses such as:

  • Repeat offender speeding
  • Speeding more than 20 miles over the limit
  • Reckless driving
  • Racing
  • Road rage
  • Causing an accident, vehicular homicide or vehicular assault
  • DUI
  • Driving on a suspended license

Visiting From Out Of State?

If you were accused of a serious traffic violation while driving through eastern Virginia as an out-of-state visitor, I can handle your local traffic ticket defense needs without making it necessary for you to appear at a hearing, in most cases. Call me to discuss your circumstances.

One Of The Most Experienced Traffic Attorney In Richmond

From my offices in Richmond, I represent clients charged with traffic violations in Henrico County and communities throughout eastern Virginia. Call me at 804-643-0147 or use the convenient email contact form to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.